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Until absolutely necessary, do not consider driving in flood water. If you have to drive through, consider a few pointers

Monsoons are raging in India at full swing and we have an extensive problem of water logging in urban areas. One practise that you might have to perform is driving in flood water that stands on tarmac, cobbles, pavement, wherever the hell it wants. And since we have a habit of throwing trash out the window, all of which clogs drainage systems around the city, means all the flood water keeps collecting and rising to car bonnet levels. Not everyone has a high riding SUV which can go through easy. Most of us potter around in small city hatchback and sedans which sit lower to the ground. So keep a few tips handy which might make your ordeal easier. driving in flood water woman autoindica

Avoid driving in flood water as much as you can…

Try redirecting through a detour, longer or congested, avoid at best. No distance can compete against the misery of a stalled car in the middle of the road. Select an alternative path which avoids underpasses or red lights under flyovers. Then there are potholes and open manholes spread across the city like mines in monsoons. You cannot see them in flood water. Even if you do remember a few, they’re still ticking bombs about to devour entire quarters of cars.

Keep moving while driving in flood water…

You do not want the exhaust flooding with water. If exhaust gases cannot pass through, your car’s engine will stall in the middle of the tiny lake you were just negotiating. Stick in the first gear and keep driving through in the gentle cover of the bow wave of your car’s nose. Shifting gears through too much water might bring engine rpm too low causing the exhaust backpressure to suck water in. And when you are through from the aforementioned situation, pump your brake to get water out of the brake drums and off the disc plates.driving in flood water sedan autoindica

Speed is not the answer…

Going fast will never help you in this situation. Can cause excess damage than save time. Firstly your speed will direct water up high in the air filter and choke the engine with water. Driving submerged in the water your car’s brakes become a lot less effective thus reducing safety. Then there are other road users who will get washed up in giant waves that your car will create at speed. Let’s not be inconsiderate and do this, please.

Your car can stop breathing in water…

What happens when you accidentally inhale water while bathing? Yep, something similar happens when your car’s air filter inhales water. The air filter is positioned at the top of the engine right under the bonnet. If the water level gets too high and submerges the bonnet, it is almost certain the air filter will suck water and bring it down to the cylinders. The first problem is that you’ve stalled the engine in the middle of the road. Second is that now your car will need to go to the service center to be fixed with a not so modest invoice. Third is that your car’s second-hand value slides in the dumps because of flood damage. It is just not worth it. driving in flood water submerged autoindica

Do not panic when you’ve stalled…

If you’ve stalled there’s nothing you can do. It will cause havoc inside your car’s engine components, starter motor, electrics and a lot more. All you can do is push it out of the water and hope the roadside assistance has a smart mechanic. He will carefully check everything and get electrics in order to bring your car back to life.

driving in flood water bow wave autoindicaTry an avoid driving in flood water considering all alternatives. But if you have no choice, remember that flood water damage is not covered under most warranty. You might look at a huge repair bill if you are not careful.


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