tubeless tyre puncture how to repair

Away from the tedium of fixing a tubed tyre puncture which got done at a mechanic for sure, tubeless tyre puncture is relatively easy to repair

It is extremely difficult to make tyres interesting but bear with me on this one as this might teach you a simple task. Not long ago before tubeless tyres spread across the market as standard practise, tyres had to be stripped down from wheels and their intestines, read tube here, had to be pulled out for a simple puncture.

Every new age driver has not had to deal with this problem. However since tyres still ride on pressurized air, you still face tubeless tyre puncture. The reason I mentioned tubed tyres is because tubeless tyre puncture can be mended easily using a simple kit. All you need are a few basic tools and a tyre inflator, and you can fix it in a matter of minutes.

What all do you need to fix a tubeless tyre puncture?

Firstly you will not need to pull out the tyre, one of the great advantages of tubeless. You just need to find the puncture culprit and work on it without pulling out the wheel.

Then you need to have a puncture kit which includes rubber strips, a spiral probe, a split-eye probe, and rubber cement solution. Keep a plier, knife and some rag handy to clean dust as well.

Find and remove the culprit

Scan the entire surface of the tyre to spot where the culprit is poked in. Use your eyes and sense of touch to pinpoint a nail or metal shard.

Now you need to pull this guy out with maximum hate but careful nursing so as not to ruin the tyre. Use the pliers if you have to get a proper grip and extract. Once out, mark the spot for further action.

Prepare the puncture for filling

You will need the spiral probe to smoothen the punctured hole. This is needed to better house the rubber strips in the hole and increase the size of it for the rubber strip.

Poke it in the puncture and rummage around to clean hole. Next, apply some rubber cement on the spiral, insert and leave it in the puncture.

Plug the hole

Use the split-eye probe and insert a rubber strip hanging half off both sides. Be advised some strength will be required for this step.

Pull out the spiral probe and quickly insert the rubber strip with the split-eye probe. Spin it around and pull out gently, the soft rubber strip will plug the puncture whilst you pull the split probe.

Finishing up

You may now either slice of the excess rubber bit off, or just let it be. It is soft and will flatten on the tyre as you drive along. This is where the tyre pump will come in handy.

But you have a choice, either top-up air at your nearest petrol pump, or refill it yourself using a foot or electronic air pump.

See it is pretty simple to do it yourself. But I would sincerely advise you not to do it if you have never picked a spanner in your life. It might read easy but still requires a bit of technical handling.

Also once you have done the process successfully do get the air pressure checked. It is easy to overlook these tiny practices but is very important for your safety.