bmw x7 launch autoindica

2019 BMW X7 Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) is now available at a price of Rs 98.9lakh for both petrol and diesel models

It’s high time BMW needed a bigger 7-seat SUV in its arsenal with the long-standing Audi Q7, Mercedes-Benz GLS and Volvo XC90 gaining ground. The answer is the new 2019 BMW X7 as the bigger better sibling of the X range. Priced at Rs 98.9lakh (ex-showroom) X7 sits amongst the biggies. It carries the luxurious air of the 7 Series saloon blending in with the sporty adventurous appeal of the X range cars. It does look utterly classy and sophisticated but with xDrive to make it through the rough stuff.

Its two variants are split between a 30d diesel and 40i petrol with the latter being sold as a CBU import. The best thing I’ve always hailed about BMW SUVs is that they never lose that inherent crispiness in the drive. Any sports activity vehicle from BMW, X1, X3, X5 or X6 in their M trim or not are all fantastic to drive against all their known competitors. Look at the numbers again. 2019 BMW X7 xDrive30d has a 3.0l six-cylinder making 265bhp and 620Nm from as low as 1,500rpm. The sprint to 100kmph takes 7seconds and I’m sure both cars are limited to 250kmph top speed. Diesels might be a turn off for some polar bear friendly people so the petrol is even riper. Yes it has a 3.0l six-cylinder engine making 340bhp and 450Nm with a quicker sprint to 100 at 6.1sec. My advice is definitely the quicker more powerful version.

There is soo much to talk about the luxury aspects but I’ll run you through the bits which make more sense to you. It has Adaptive 2-Axle Air suspension which makes your ride very very comfortable. Saps some performance metrics though, but that is not the point of the 2019 BMW X7. Because the cabin is huge it also has 5-zones for airconditioning comforting every passenger row. And the Panoramic glass sunroof is huge to make the cabin feel airy and fresh. The second-row seats are captain configuration which I think is excellent. Other than that it is topped to the brim with safety electronics and driver assistance systems nearly topping a Saturn-V rocket.