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Delta Electronics unveils pubic fast charging solution for electric cars

A leading Power and Energy management company Delta Electronics has unveiled the first state-of-the-art E-Mobility Tech Experience Center in the country. This initiative is focused on strengthening public electric vehicle charging infrastructure in India which will further help in accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles. The overall effect of this will be clearer air in the metro cities.

A major source of air pollution in the metros are due to the vehicle exhaust fumes especially diesel vehicles. Adoption of electric vehicles will help in the reduction of air pollution in the city area.

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Delta Electronics introduced the DC City charger and AC Max charging unit that will cater to the need for public charging infrastructure across the country while being safe and efficient. The experience centre has both AC and DC chargers from GB/T, CCS, and ChadeMO. The centre has testing tools, charging process simulators, load simulators as well as Charge point operator software platform with certification from OCA.


Delta Electronics tech experience centre AutoIndicaDelta Electronics India which is a part of Delta India group is a 100% subsidiary of Thailand based Delta Electronics, is working on to bring the renewable source of energy to the EV charging space. Bringing electricity from the renewable sources will completely diminish the carbon positivity in the environment hence, minute pollution. At present, our electricity is coming from the coal-fired power plants which greatly contributes to air pollution.

Government of India is planning to get as much as 30% four-wheeler sales from the electric vehicles by 2030. To make this a reality India needs massive investment and focused push towards the installation of electric charging stations across all the major expressways, national highways, state highways as well as major connecting roads. Companies like Delta Electronics are working towards the same with a strong vision and latest technology.

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