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Luxury car sales in China takes a huge dip, blame it on Hongqi L5

Hongqi L5

Hongqi L5 (Red Flag) sedan is the most expensive car in China, priced at around Rs 5.02 crore

China is considered one of the countries with a maximum number of luxury car sales on the chart. Every automaker in the world, specially the luxury brands consider the Chinese market as a goldmine. However, the sales of the global automobile brands have experienced a steep decline in recent past. The reason behind it? Blame it on the Hongqi L5.

You must be wondering what is Hongqi? It is the most loved car brand in China that sells the country’s most expensive sedan L5, owned by FAW. It is also popularly known as Red Flag sedan, thanks to the signature metal frame glass-built red flag on the hood. The Hongqi L5 is currently priced at around Rs 5.02 crore at current exchange rates. It is the prized vehicle of government officials and dignitaries, who love to show off the being Chinese attitude.

Hongqi L5

Hongqi L5 is a luxurious monster on road. It measures 5.55 metre in length, over 2 metres in wide and weighs 3.150 kg. Powered by a huge 6.0-litre petrol V12 engine, this four-door sedan is a retro-modern luxury sedan. It is basically aimed at billionaires. While there are many local car brands in China, the Hongqi is closely connected to the country with its philosophy. This is one of the main reasons behind the success of the car.

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An interesting fact is the power and torque output of the car. The Hongqi L5 churns out only 402 bhp of power and 550 Nm of torque. No wonder, the power and torque don’t do justice to the stature of the sedan. However, Chinese elite class’ penchant for the Hongqi L5 has not been lowered by the specifications.

Hongqi L5

In recent times, when Chinese president Xi Jinping started promoting the make-in-China business policy, the popularity of the Hongqi started growing rapidly. Xi Jinping himself uses this sedan, which helped the car to be even more popular among the people of the country.

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