Car ownership in India is going through a huge change since the shared mobility concept has entered the country

Car ownership in India has been experiencing a tectonic shift for last couple of years. At one side, the automakers are experiencing sales number increasing in huge margin, while on the other side, shared mobility is growing like never before. Surely, it’s a transition period for the Indian automobile industry and all its stakeholders.

Previously, owning a car used to mean a higher stature for the customers, while now owning a car is not anymore considered a luxury, but necessity; thanks to the rapidly increasing competition among the carmakers and the changed socio-economic scenario across the country. Since the globalization found its way in India in early 90’s, number of car sales grew exponentially, specially in this new century. But, in last couple of years, we the common people have been facing trouble like never before. The fuel price is shooting sky high, cost of living is growing with every passing day, forcing us to think twice before we spend our hard earned money on cars.

As it seems, owning a car is becoming luxurious again due to the other reasons related to it. Hence, comes the growing demand for shared mobility. Cab operators like Ola, Uber came to rescue the people from the hassle of boarding a public bus during rush hours without pinching the pocket like an owned car does. While many use the private cars as their daily rides, many save the fuel for weekend joy rides with family. Clearly, this is dynamic shift in the mentality of the customers.

In a time, when the fuel price is skyrocketing and pollution level is at an alarming high level, owning a car means making a big hole in your pocket and contributing your own bit to the hazy and heavy air that we breath whenever we step out of the comfort of our rooms. You might think, I am discouraging you from buying your dream car, but am not. However, using the car sensibly could always be a good solution. It’s not necessary to take out the car for going to the market 2 km away and burning up fuel and contributing your bit to the traffic congestion and air pollution. Instead taking a cab can always be useful in terms of money and hassle.