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With these simple car care tips, you can protect your car from the stubborn Holi stains, get these protective accessories online at a cheap rate

Holi is here, the festival of colours and celebration. It’s time to go out with friends and have fun. No wonder, your car will be the companion in that party. While you get drenched in colours and Holi mood, immediately after that you realize your beloved car is not in a good mood considering the number of stains it dons. Not only the colour stains, people often litter the interior of the car by spilling a drink or dropping crumbs of foods. So, before you dive into the party mood, here is a couple of simple car care tips you should follow this Holi.

These simple car care tips and small accessories won’t cost you a burnt pocket. Neither these will spoil the party mood or the after-party hangover.

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Cheaper online:

If you own a car, you should know how to take care of your car. Don’t always rely on the nearest service shop but learn some tricks yourself as well. This way, you will not only save money in the long run but will be able to keep your car in good health as well. These accessories mentioned below are not only required during post-Holi car care but they can be used around the year.

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Car cover – Car cover is a basic necessity you should have if you own a car. Usually, dealerships provide the car cover during car purchase. But, you can always opt for a better one. These days, you don’t even need to visit the nearest shop as well. All you need to do is go to an online market platform like Amazon or Flipkart and choose the right colour and size of the cover for your car before ordering.

A good quality and right size car cover can keep your car stain free and dry during typical Indian monsoon as well. Trust me, not every time we like our cars as drenched! In that case, buying a good car cover can save you from hassle round the year, if you park your car outside the garage in the open.

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Car wax – Car wax is something that you can apply to the car every time after a thorough wash. This protects the original colour of the car. To protect the genuine colour of the car, just apply a coat of car wax right ahead of Holi. This part of the car care tips will not only help in saving the colour of the vehicle from any kind of damage during the festival but it will go a long way. With summer just around the corner, the car wax will protect your car’s colour from the harsh UV rays.

Getting a good car wax no big deal at all. You can avail it online easily. Also, you can go to the nearest auto store and buy one from a reputed brand. Buying a good car wax is actually investing for the better health of your beloved car.

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Car vacuum cleaner – We might not like that friend who litters the cabin every time he or she boards the car with a coke can and a bucket of popcorn but little choice we are left with at some occasions. Holi is one such occasion when we have to deal with such a scenario. So, keeping a car vacuum cleaner handy is a good choice. All you need to do is search online for a value for money car vacuum cleaner from a reputed brand.

A good car vacuum cleaner comes priced between Rs 1,500 – Rs 3,500. Considering the amount of hassle it will save you from, this little investment will ensure value for money. With this in the boot of the car or in the garage, you don’t need to go to the service shop every time after having a car party. Just switch it on and do it yourself. Not a big deal at all.

Hail a cab:

So, these simple car care tips with affordable and easily available accessories can actually save you from spending a hefty amount after Holi. We would like to suggest you use a cab or an auto-rickshaw instead of your own car. This way, you can save your car from donning the unwanted wet paint of Holi colours. With an app-based cab, you won’t even need to worry about the car. But, treat the cab as your own car and don’t litter its cabin.

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