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Volkswagen and Skoda start India 2.0 with new tech centre


Volkswagen and Skoda’s India 2.0 project boost the possibility of cheaper spare parts and more advanced technology

Volkswagen and Skoda launch India 2.0 program aiming to boost their business in the country. The two brands launch a new tech centre in Pune. With an investment of 250 million euro, Volkswagen and Skoda’s India 2.0 project is expected to boost the usage of advanced technology in the cars from both brands.

Apart from developing advanced technology, the price of spare parts of cars from both the brands would be cheaper in coming days. With locally developed spare parts, both Volkswagen and Skoda aiming to boost their business in India. This comes as part of Volkswagen’s target to become the most affordable premium car brand in India.

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Currently, Skoda India develops the MQB platform A0 IN in India. It is also responsible for the Volkswagen’s model campaign in India. Now, with this new technology centre based in Pune, we might see increased technical advancement in the Volkswagen and Skoda cars in the domestic market. Volkswagen and Skoda both are trying to increase their market share in the country for quite some time. This new technology centre and the India 2.0 project will certainly help both the brands on that path.

The German automaker and its Czech subsidiary plan to launch some exciting new models in the Indian market in the coming days. On behalf of Volkswagen, Skoda is developing a cheaper variant of the MQB platform. This new platform will underpin the upcoming Volkswagen and Skoda models. Also, both the brands are focusing on more localization of their products in order to keep pricing competitive.

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This new technology centre in Pune will work for developing products specially designed for Indian customers. Apart from that, it will also play a key role in the Make in India campaign in coming days. Around 250 jobs will be created through this technical centre targeting the development of local skills.

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