Home News Planning car modification or new paint? Could land you in legal trouble

Planning car modification or new paint? Could land you in legal trouble

Car Modification

By Supreme Court’s order car modification could lead to loss of registration, the new rule comes into immediate effect

Are you planning to modify your car? New paint for your beloved car in mind? It might land you in big trouble. Supreme Court has ruled any kind of car modification illegal with immediate effect. The apex court has specifically said any aftermarket modifications from the stock specification of the vehicle will be deemed illegal. This rule will clearly affect the aftermarket accessories market in India.

The rule not only terms car modification as illegal but motorcycle modification as well. This ruling has overruled the Kerala High Court ruling of last year. The two-judge bench of Kerala High Court ruled structural alteration of a vehicle is permissible. But, the Supreme Court ruling says any modification of any vehicle varying with the manufacturer’s original specification is illegal.

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Car Modification

There is a strong chance we might see the apex court revisits the verdict in near future. But, before that, any kind of car modification would land you in legal trouble. Previously, any change made to the vehicle needed to be endorsed in the registration certificate. But, according to the new rule, even endorsing the change in the RC will not make the car modification legal. No wonder, this is going to hurt a lot of automobile enthusiasts in the country.

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There are thousands of enthusiasts, who love to modify their cars with exterior customization of engine retuning. Now, doing so will lead to the loss of the car registration no. The modifications that have been banned ranges from custom bumpers to wider tyres, aftermarket exhaust to the remapping of an engine.

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Car Modification

No wonder, this ruling comes as a jolt to the enthusiasts who love car modification according to their preference. But, this would bring peace to many people as well. People, who don’t like to wake up in the middle of the night with the thunderous sound of a customised exhaust.

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