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Hyundai Elevate from CES 2019 is the next rescue vehicle during disasters

Hyundai Elevate

Hyundai Elevate is a walking car concept showcased at CES 2019; it could run, walk and climb on treacherous terrains

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is a platform for not only gadgets but for automakers as well to showcase new technologies. Every year at the prestigious Las Vegas show, automakers showcase some strangely unique concepts previewing futuristic technology. CES 2019 is no different. This time, we saw the Hyundai Elevate, a walking car concept that appears like a Mars Rover with a cabin. The Elevate looks like something like from the set of 2015 movie, The Martian.

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As the South Korean automaker claims, the Hyundai Elevate is an Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV). It can drive, walk and climb on most treacherous terrains easily. This wild concept car is claimed to be the future of First Responder Industry. This vehicle could be very useful during rescue operations after natural disasters or any humanitarian aid missions. The Hyundai Elevate uses wide and chunky wheels fitted to the robotic legs that can be adjusted to different lengths.

Explore Hyundai Elevate walking car concept:

The Hyundai Elevate has another interesting fact about it. It is a self-driving vehicle. Hyundai Elevate’s leg architecture is claimed to have the programming capabilities to mimic both mammalian and reptilian walking patterns. Its wheels are not typical conventional rubber wheels but made of hard material that won’t be damaged during running, walking or climbing on debris. This walking car concept reveals how Hyundai is interested in a real-world application for its technologies.

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It is not impossible that we won’t see a roadworthy version of this Hyundai Elevate. With the technologies evolving faster than ever, it can become a real-world scene in any future humanitarian aid missions. There’s another interesting fact about this vehicle. The Hyundai Elevate is a fully electric powered car. Therefore, it also forays the electric vehicle technology Hyundai is developing for its future cars. So far, the Hyundai Elevate is certainly one highly attractive showpiece in the CES 2019.

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