ford endeavour autoindica

New Ford Endeavour is out now in Titanium and Titanium+ variants, Trend is now off menu which I feel is for the better

Rejoice all Ford Endeavour fans as the facelift is available starting from Rs 28.19lakh (ex-showroom) for the 2.2l 6-speed manual transmission. Do not worry, the 3.2l 5-cylinder automatic monster is still available with 197bhp 470Nm. You get a 3 year/1,00,000km warranty from Ford which is very thoughtful. And it is every bit a capable SUV with that brilliant Terrain Management System on the 4X4 variant. Endeavour has always been the go-to choice for growing elites who want an imposing image and a lot of comforts. Hopefully, the ride quality on the 2.2l has been improved as there was some to be desired. The Big burly 3.2l has always been better than its competitive products, and surely the new one will add on more value.

The base Titanium 2.2l has a 6-speed manual for committed drivers. Both the 2.2l and 3.2l automatics are available as top Titanium+ variants only. I do love the fact that Ford Endeavour 3.2l has a 4-wheel drive system and 6-speed automatic but is priced lower than the outgoing model, how has Ford done that! And it gets all the goodies like terrain management, hill launch assist and descent control, and has 800mm water wading capability and 7-airbags for safety. However, the nicest detail I prefer is the new Diffused Silver colour which is absolutely lovely, hoping people will go for this more. Yes other than this new twin spoke alloys most of the car is basically the same. But no issues at all as it is a handsome brute of a machine.

Obviously inside is generously equipped with comfort and convenience features. I once had to drive it all through the night and not once did I feel my spine retaliating. Dual-zone climate control, a large gorgeous panoramic sunroof, hands-free power tailgate, and noise canceling cabin, hmmm not sure about that one. Then there is leather and brushed aluminium and soft touch dash on the top variants. All in all Ford Endeavour is a tried and tested formula that has been given some more zing to add excitement.